Brewster Technical College

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Faculty and Staff

Administration Office

Assistant Principal

Toney, Vivian

813-276-5448 - ext. 2003

Principal’s Secretary

Fox, Heather

813-276-5448 x2002


Robbins, Shirley

813-276-5448 - ext. 2001

Secretary 2

Taylor, Norma

813-276-5448 - ext. 2004



Connolly, Kerri

813-276-5448 - ext. 2007

Community School Administrator

Albarelli, Joanne

813-276-5448 - ext. 2023

Assistant Principal

Liverio, Mark

813-276-5448 - ext. 2006

Student Services


Paraprofessional, Student Services

Arevalo, Annabel

813-276-5464 ext. 2033

Paraprofessional, Student Services

Flores, Irma

813-276-5464 ext.2020

Automotive, AAAE, GED, Web Development,Adults with Disability

Goldwire, Vangie

813-276-5464 ext.2028

Central Sterile Processing, Pharmacy Technician, Practical Nursing

Nochella, Karen

813-276-5464 ext.2026

Data Processor, Student Services

Perrone, Lori

813-276-5464 ext.2029

Paraprofessional, Student Services

Seigler, Elease

813-276-5464 ext.2021

Distribution & Logistics, ESOL Day and Night

Washington, Susan

813-276-5464 ext.2025

Program Instructors

Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Instructor at James Ranch

Benko, Paula

813-276-5448 ext.123

Instructor of STAGES Program

Blount, Tchecoy


Instructor at Gary Adult High School

Brown, Zela


Paraprofessional at Lavoy Exceptional Center

Clinton, Harold


Instructor at Caminiti Exceptional Center

Conley, Wendy


Paraprofessional Aide for STAGES Program at USF

Paleveda, Mary Ann


Instructor of REACH Program at St. Joseph's Hospital

Price, Liz


Instructor at MacDonald Training Center

Randle, Geraldine

813-870-1300 ext. 304

Paraprofessional Aide at Caminiti Exceptional Center

Russell, Clara


Paraprofessional Aide for REACH Program at St. Joseph's Hospital

Reynolds, Melika


Instructor of Adults with Disabilities

Schoppman, Marian

813-276-5448 ext.3212

Instructor at MACY's Brandon

Tramel, Varneese


Instructor at Lavoy Exceptional Center

Young, Michelle


Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Instructor of Adult Basic Education

Miller, Violeta

813-276-5448 ext. 3218

Automotive Service Technology

Automotive Service Technology

Lopes, Eric

813-276-5448 ext. 3104

Central Sterile Processing Technology

Instructor of Central Sterile Processing

Motz, Catherine (Adele)

813-276-5448 ext. 1027

Distribution & Logistics Management

Instructor of Distribution and Logistics

Causey, Keith

813-276-5448 ext. 3203

Early Childhood Education

Instructor of Early Childhood Education

Lyons, Ann

813-276-5448 ext. 3213

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Department Head

Niedbalec, Kathryn

813-276-5448 ext.3206


Dovi, Lucretia

813-276-5448 ext. 4004

ESOL Lab Manager

Floyd, Linda

813-276-5448 ext. 3110


Kim, Christina

813-276-5448 ext. 4002


Kaufman, Mary

813-276-5448 ext. 4006


Macfarlane, Bridgette

813-276-5448 ext. 4009


McCarthy, Clara

813-276-5448 ext.4003


Montegny, Brett

813-276-5448 ext.4007


Perez, Erika

813-276-5448 ext.4001


Rodriguez, Rodney

813-276-5448 ext.3217


Torres, Jessica

813-276-5448 ext.4010


Turro, Stephanie

813-276-5448 ext.4008


Whiteside, Olivia

813-276-5448 ext.3108

General Education Diploma (GED)

Instructor of GED Program

Ekanayake, Geethani

813-276-5448 ext. 3205

Pharmacy Technician

Instructor of Pharmacy Technician

Davis, Rebecca

813-276-5448 ext. 1022

Instructor of Pharmacy Technician

Plazewski, Ruth

813-276-5448 ext.1022

Practical Nursing

Instructor of Practical Nursing

Brooks, Kathleen

813-276-5448 - ext. 3201

Instructor of Practical Nursing

Hall-Austin, Darlene

813-276-5448 x3201

Instructor of Practical Nursing

Fajardo, Rosie

813-276-5448 - ext. 3201

Instructor of Practical Nursing

Parayil, Meera

813-276-5448 - ext. 3201

Instructor of Practical Nursing

Rivenbark, Melodie

813-276-5448 - ext. 3202

Web Development

Department Head of CTE/Workforce Programs

Technology Resource Teacher

Web Development

Cole, David

813-276-5448 ext. 3102

About Brewster

Brewster Technical College is a public post-secondary technical college that is part of Hillsborough County Public Schools. Brewster Technical College offers hands-on learning that provides the relevant training and job skills required by business and industry.  In addition, Brewster Technical College offers adult basic education (GED, English language acquisition and Applied Academics for Adult Education).

Thank You Hillsborough County Voters for Supporting our Schools by passing the Referendum!


Information on this form is for Florida Department of Education reporting requirements ONLY. This information WILL NOT be used to determine program eligibility or admission. Courses and programs are offered as part of the adult education program of Hillsborough County Schools under the direction of the School Board of Hillsborough County.
No person shall, on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin or handicap, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity under the direction of the local education agency.



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